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At Summers Car Credit our business is people.  We understand that life brings its challenges and not everyone can obtain conventional financing or you may not want to finance a vehicle for 5, 6, or even 7 years.  Our contracts usually pay off in 2 years or less!!

01 Financing Requirements

​At Summers Car Credit we obtain some information from you in order to process your credit application.  When you come in to see us, please bring the following information.



02 Valid State of Iowa Driver's License

This is fairly self-explanatory.  Please bring in a your current State of Iowa's Drivers License.



03 Proof Of Residency

We would prefer a current utility bill or if you do not pay utilities, simply bring in a piece of mail with your name and current address on it. *Minimum Requirement 6 months at residence*



04 Proof Of Income

Proof of Income can be your last few pay stubs from your employer, or, if you receive income from the government, a reward letter stating your income.  If your income is direct deposited, bring your latest bank statement showing your deposits. *Minimum Requirement 3-6 months at your current job*



05 Personal References

We want to know people who know you!  Your personal references can be friends, family, co-workers and so on.  Please include the references name, address and phone number.

*If you have any questions on our minimum requirements, please feel free to message us on our contact page.

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